facilitating change

– learning in times of challenge


A combination of curiosity, empathy, passion along side a systemic view are what give Edward the edge when it comes to working with people who want to perform.

An accredited coach, facilitator and presenter, Edward has extensive experience working with people around the world, supporting their personal development, growing self awareness and their ability to perform in a variety of contexts. He encourages people to get curious about their gifts and what they can do with them. As a result, he has been able to inspire positive change in individuals and organisations from Shanghai to New York.

In facilitating groups, Edward creates an environment which enables a subtle blend of challenge and space: challenge to question the status quo, and space to think – both as a group and individually, with ever present encouragement of honest dialogue.

Through this, Edward has helped businesses achieve increased growth, exceed delivery targets and enhance customer experiences.  His dedication to learning and communication is refined through his work with diverse clients and continual professional development and holds an MSc in Psychology from Birkbeck.

His private practice also includes individual coaching, training and consulting on change at both a personal and organisational level. To learn more, visit his website here: http://www.edwardjnelson.com/

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