Disputes can have many unwanted consequences, from loss of enthusiasm to downturns in productivity and creativity. Unheeded, they can destroy relationships at a personal, business and even global level. The examples are countless. As there are many ways to treat an injury, so there are many ways to work with disputes. All have their appropriate place. Here are a few common choices:

1. Leave it alone. In many cases, this is just what is required. However, this is not always a healthy option and in some cases, things can go from bad to worse…

2. Put a band-aid on it. There are a number of simple exercises we can work with to give you simple tools to apply to conflicts as and when they arise. Based on awareness and effective communication, these can help stop slight abrasions turning nasty. A must for anyone wanting to keep on top of things in their business or home life.

3. Try a holistic health program. Simple conventional ideas are ineffective when the underlying causes are not dealt with. Sometimes it is necessary to spend more time considering the factors and influences at play in a dispute and working with them creatively in order to support a return to health. By exploring alternative ways of dealing with conflict, we can help you move on with extra bounce!

4. A blood transfusion. This has drastic and often undesireable consequences, these include: greater risks, longer recover times and loss of activity. Unfortunately, there are times when old blood has to go and something entirely new has to be brought in. We can look at ways to facilitate this process to make it work best for everyone involved.

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